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Märtas for a winter date

I am writing this article the small restaurant where these women are busy cleaning and baking.

Kaffe locates on the street closed to my Swedish class. I have passed it for times but I did not notice it. I do not know whether it’s coffee shop or a private house. It is too lovely, warm and humble to be a kaffe.

One of my girls was introduced about the kaffe by a guy. She kept asking me “Why does a cold looking guy love a sweet and womanly place.” Being afraid that I might not believe, she took me to Märtas on the following day. The guy, I am not sure, but to Märtas, I was in love with.

I love sitting and writing in Märtas on very cold days. I love the feeling of escaping from the world and hiding myself in a corner of Märtas. Sitting quietly, I overhear talks of the people around me. These middle-aged women are enjoying their lively conversations.

Most of Swedes do not like noise, even many of them give you a sense that they are bored or not enthusiastic when preferring whispering. But it is not true in Märtas, where the space is small enough for your story to have the trip around. Perhaps, in Märtas, they feel comfortable as if they were in their home kitchen.

Moreover, the shop owner also likes to talk. She goes round tables, asks if your tea and cake are fine or not, or simply talks about the weather. She, who should be very tired after a day of work, is willing to talk to the last guests while she is cleaning to close the kaffe. Therefore, in my opinion, in the shop, there are only two groups of people - regardless of age or job - who are talking and who are listening, even to a stranger’s story.

Have I told that Märtas has least not a perfect cake (tårta)? Another reason that convinces me to love the coffee-shop: the joy of choosing and picking my perfect fika* of the day. Cakes are placed in the cabinet and your choice is based on your sense while large tea (te) pots are placed in the corner table for you to smell, feel and select. Sometimes I secretly wish that the world were as small as Märtas and the choice of life were easy as a piece of cake (not pie).

I decided to be selfish with Märtas, i.e. keeping it for myself, not for many friends. Dating – in nature – is made just for two hearts. If so, when being tired or weak, my perfect date is with Märtas, whose Internet password is “Gingerbread”.

*Fika: the dessert - tea/coffee time/ habit/ supper/ culture in Sweden.

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Photo by Gokcen Tuncer

Info: Märtas Kaffe

Open: Mon & Fri: 9:30-17:00

Tue & Thu: 9:30 - 18:00

Sat: 11:00 - 14:30

Sun: Closed

Skolgatan 10, Örebro, Sweden

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